Monday, January 5, 2009

What's been going on?

So I was going to write an entry just kind of filling in the last couple of weeks, a kind of barometer of how I've been feeling recently, covering significant dates such as Christmas, New Years, my birthday, Jana's wedding, but I'm tired, so I'll start and see where it ends up.
So I've been here awhile now, and while I still pretty much can't wait for it to be over, I feel a lot more comfortable being here. Probably a large part of that is due to work, earning money, actually doing something. There's human interaction, whether it be with guests or comparing tips and stories on the employee shuttle to and from work. Leading up to christmas, I was making really nice tips as well which allowed me to get a portable DVD player so I can finally watch those DVDs I've been buying, which has been nice. So I guess I've settled into a groove, though I still deep down feel like I'm serving a prison service, but I like my job, the people I work with are the usual bunch of ok people, I got comics and DVDs and a weekly trip to the movies, so things are ok.
There's not all that much to say about christmas. I worked. There was snow so I guess it was a white christmas. I got to drive a Cadillac which was a really nice ride, a really really nice. Then I called home and chatted with the family, struggling to keep my eyes open. Not so different from any other day.
Same with New Years. I worked, and got home pretty much on the strike of midnight. I was going to pop into a party across the way, but when it came to it, I was tired and I couldn't be bothered interacting with drunk people, so went home and watched a movie, when I really should have gone to bed. And the tips since Christmas day haven't been as good either, so there's not all that much to say about New Years either.
But at least I got leave Colorado for a couple of days, so that was nice. Had a comfortable trip to Fort Worth, got picked up by Ernesto, Liand and Chris, some friends of Jana's. Ernesto was kind enough to pick me up, put me up the weekend, pretty much shout me every meal and drive me to the wedding, all around town and to the airport, so was pretty sweet, and I greatly appreciate it. The wedding was nice, but the church it was held in was huge, and it made me feel agrophobic. And I think there was about 8 or 7 attendents on either side. And candles, a huge amount of candles. It was all quite lovely, but it made me miss home a bit with it ostentatiousness. Jana looked beautiful of course, and if you haven't already seen photos on Facebook I'd be surprised, if you were wont to care about seeing what her dressed looked like, that is. Anyway, they got married, we went to the reception, all very nice, a nice informal reception. Then we went home so we could rest up for our big night on the town. That was fun. "The Crew" took me out to dinner at some swish Tex-Mex place, then we went to Pete's, a nightspot where they have duelling pianos, and everyone sings along getting royally drunk and has a jolly good time. That was a pretty cool place and I had a good time there, though I did have to get up on stage with a bunch of other people because it was my birthday (technically it was the 3rd in the US, but it was the 4th back home, so as far as I was concerned it was my birthday. Actaully, as I type this it's the 4th here, but I don't feel particularly like it's my birthday, felt like it was yesterday). Then we went back to the carpark where Ernesto works and went up to the top so I could see the view of Fort Worth from there. It was so nice to be back in the city, it felt really good to be up there and just drinking in the city lights. Then we went back to Ernestos, all piled into his car and went cruising for corn and Mexicans and a tour of the old neighbourhood. It was a good night, actaully a great day all round. Eventually went to bed and woke up for my "birthday" to go catch a plane and come back home. I bought comics. I did my washing. I came into work to check my e-mail. That was my birthday.
And I guess now you're up to date.

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