Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cautiously Trying To Keep My Excitement In Check Film News

I've been a bit slack lately with the whole posting thing, but I've made peace with the fact that while I think both politics and theology are important, I really just want to share cool movie stuff with you.
And not many film-makers get me as excited as John Woo, especially since he's started making good films again. He's had to go backwards to achieve it, not just back to China, but back in time as well. I really liked Red Cliff, and this is a wuxia picture, so once again set in the past as opposed to his modern Hong Kong classics.
Anyway, here's an initial poster, and for more on the story, follow the link to Twitch.

Invisible Man

I'm a bit annoyed because Brad has already posted about this guy, even though I had bookmarked it to share before his post. Anyway, I figure, what's it hurt to post it anyway.

He's pretty good. Follow the link to Hi-Fructose to see more of his work.

Star Wars Post Three: Youtube Clip Of The Day-Jedi Gym

I thought this was a bit funny, so if you've got a spare 6 minutes, you might like it too.

Star Wars Post Two: Vader Jacket

I think this a bit poxy, but I also thinks it's pretty cool, and I'd be tempted to get one.

You don't have to wear it with the cape.
Available at adidas.

Star Wars Post One: "The Shiny Guy Always Worries"

This is one of my new favourite things ever, very quotable.

"Knobi Kenobi"
"Don't talk back to Darth Vader, he'll get ya"
"It's an exciting movie."
I concur.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Final Kick-Ass Poster

I've avoided posting a bunch of stuff about this movie because I don't want to oversell it, but I can't not post this up. I'm such a geek over this comic, and the movie looks like it's just as cool.

This premiered over at HitFix.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Footage of Upcoming "Red Circle Project"

So I'm making a movie of sorts, more of a "bunch of scenes strung together in a typical S.D. Allison-Levick way" than a proper movie, but what do you expect. This isn't the finished scene, there's a prologue to shoot and some more shots at the end to shoot, but you get the idea I think. Big thanks to Peter Fletcher, Dave Cunnigham (and Avalon), Clayton McIntosh and the Saunders for their invaluable help.

It needs a little more tightening up, but I'm happy to wait till I've got the rest of the footage to do that, and start working out the original score a bit more. Hopefully I won't be hearing from any lawyers soon for using this temp score from "Last of the Mohicans".