Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Footage of Upcoming "Red Circle Project"

So I'm making a movie of sorts, more of a "bunch of scenes strung together in a typical S.D. Allison-Levick way" than a proper movie, but what do you expect. This isn't the finished scene, there's a prologue to shoot and some more shots at the end to shoot, but you get the idea I think. Big thanks to Peter Fletcher, Dave Cunnigham (and Avalon), Clayton McIntosh and the Saunders for their invaluable help.

It needs a little more tightening up, but I'm happy to wait till I've got the rest of the footage to do that, and start working out the original score a bit more. Hopefully I won't be hearing from any lawyers soon for using this temp score from "Last of the Mohicans".


Clayton McIntosh said...

This is really good. Really watchable.

andy said...


Kutz said...


brad mccoy said...

dave cunningham with a white face is just plain creeeeepy!

nice stuff.

i don't know if it's just my headphones, but fletch's gun sounded a bit like a star wars phaser gun thingy. i think that's what they're called. according that that 3 year old girl.