Friday, March 23, 2012


This'll do for this one, I reckon. I'd like to try make a frame for it, but I don't think there's really too much more I can do for it. I don't have the skill to work with the materials I have to do finer detail, so time to walk away from it.

"B I R D K I L L E R" (detail)

The Eye (Work In Progress)

This is a new piece I started yesterday. Someone had thrown out a couple of paintings at work, basically the orange and splotchy squares you can see, plus some wallpaper glued to it. I took the wallpaper off and just used what was left as my blank canvas, unfortunately the glue is still left behind, as you can see. Not sure yet if I'm going to try paint over it, try match the orange, or just leave it as an element on the canvas. I wanted to try paint something larger, to work as an exercise in detail and make it easier for that. I'm happy with how it's started, but not sure if I'll be happy with my technical skill at the end of the journey. Also considering whether I'll be putting other elements in it, maybe a cosmonaut in the left hand corner. We'll see.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Images From Last Week

I like to check out a few websites throughout the week, and so I decided to try regularly share with you my favourite images from the previous week.

These first two I saw at OMGPosters.

This Batman picture by Raphael Grampa, the source wasn't given, and I haven't done a check to try find it, but I assume it was on his own blog or website. I think I saw it on iFanboy.
 Batman by Rafael Grampa

I came across this when I did an image search for bird skulls for reference. It's an artist named Kitty Valentine, and she does painting over vintage photos. She had some other cool images as well, so check her out sometime.

These next couple I saw at Bleeding Cool. They were just highlighting this artist named Igor Keiryluk who did some cool alternate Batman type characters.

Next is someone I know I've highlighted here before, Francesco Francavilla. This was from ComicTwart, where they were doing a Silver Surfer week.