Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Current Favourite Song: No Man's Land

I was listening to random songs on my i-pod the other day, and a song came on by Midnight Oil which I wasn't familiar with, but it was quite catchy so I looked at what it was. It was "No Man's Land", off an E.P. or something. I didn't remember the song, had no idea how it ended up on my i-pod, but it was good. I looked it up on the net to try work out where it was from, apparently it's the last recording Midnight Oil did for some compilation album, but also released as a single.
It's a really good song, with great lyrics that are easy to sing along with.

"And when at last I heard the news,
About a war I did not choose
I saw the flowers fade away
I saw love in disarray.
Fade away."

You can hear it here on youtube, someone made up a clip for it.

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