Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recurring Nightmare: The Party

I have this recurring nightmare where I don't know anyone at the party, not even the person who invited me. It's like I'll get a call, "Come on round, we're having a party!", so I go on round, and I walk into the apartment or building or house, and you know how it is, there's people hanging around the entrance, but no one you recognise. So I push further into the house, it's dimly lit, with candles and fairy lights giving illumination, but not really showing anyone, all I see still are the faces of strangers. I keep going deeper into the house, passing strange rooms and walking down an ever ongoing corridor, passing hipsters and people who are cooler than me, but no one I know. I find the kitchen, an oasis of light, I look around, expecting to see whoever invited me, expecting to see you, or anyone, someone I know, but nothing. Strangers barely acknowledge my existence or return my by now frantic looks with their own impenetrable stares. I turn around to go back where I came from, to leave this party where I don't know you, but I can't see the door I came through, all I see is another door leading down another long eternal corridor. Then I wake up and confess that I just made it all up, and I've never actually had that dream, but now I'm afraid I will.
I think Spike Jonze should make a film of it.

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