Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DVD (And Other Video Movies) Review For Week 12/7/11-18/7/11

After last weeks excellent foray into the Sci-Fi section of Video Ezy, I thought I'd actually go through all the movies in that section in a systematic viewing schedule, but when I turned up last Tuesday and perused the shelves, I just couldn't do it. There seemed to be nothing of interest to me there, so that put paid to that idea. Maybe I'll try again next week. So instead I got this out.

I saw this at the cinema, and from what I remember, I enjoyed it, but wasn't sure if it was a keeper. So I got it out to try formulate a definitive answer on it. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but it's growing on me. I quite like the movie, but there one or two things which make me hesitate. The first is the editing. I think the film is quite stylishly shot, but the editing doesn't allow any shot t linger, for you as the audience to appreciate it. I understand why you do that at the beginning, it is called Faster for a reason, I guess. But the action flows better when we can see it for more than a few seconds. And the cuts seems to be in really awkward spots, it just didn't seem very well edited to me. The second thing I don't particularly like is the Killer character. And it's not so much a problem I have with the character, but more the actor portraying him.
He could've been better. And Maggie Grace, she's real pretty, but she doesn't really convince in her role either, but I don't mind so much, because like I said, she's pretty. Don't judge me.
But having said that, there is stuff I love about the movie. The Rock's character, Driver, has a really interesting arc, and the Cop, played by Billy Bob Thornton, is another really interesting character. I love his interactions with this son. I love his complexity as a addict cop and how he's just trying to get to retirement. Like I said, there's lots of stylish shots, and I really love this shot from early on...

But the thing I love the most is the final guy he goes to kill, the guy who became a christian in prison and now has a revival tent ministry. I just love how this film deals with vengeance and forgiveness. It seems something new to the revenge film, though I;m sure it's been explored before, but I wonder if it's been this explicit. So right now, I'm thinking of buying it, because I really do love that stuff I mentioned, and I guess maybe I'll learn to put up with the stuff I don't.

And that's about all I watched. I had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 on in the background while I was doing stuff, but I'm going to give that a proper viewing this coming week, so I'll talk about that alter. And I also watched 2 Weeks Notice which I taped of TV. What can I say? I got a real soft spot for Sandra Bullock, so I like it, even though it's pretty standard, and quite middle-of-the-road romantic comedy. I also taped Under Siege, but the timer cut out too early, so I didn't get to see Steve kill Tommy. Might have to get that and the sequel out sometime soon as well then.

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