Sunday, January 1, 2012

Video Blog For Comics Released 27/12/11

Try stay awake for this, if you want to know about the comics I read this week.


Clayton McIntosh said...

Why don't you make a youtube channel for these? Cause like... someone might watch it.

Anonymous said...

levick, enjoyed your comic reviews,but what about Archie for us bubblegum pop readers, where can i see one of your comic creations....andrew ward

SDAL said...

Hey Wardie, you can look to the left for my blog titled alpha llama llama, you might see some stuff there, but not really finished.
I'll dig out my single issue of Archie and do a review for you.
Do you still have that copy of Destroyer Duck with the Frank Miller cover homage to the Wolverine cover, if you know what I'm talking about?

Anonymous said...

levick, you have a good memory about destroyer duck, was duped on that one a comic designed and printed to fight a legal battle for the writer - you can have it and remember mazing man similar story very short run issue i will let you off the hook on the archie review, as archie is too clean cut for today i need to move on.Hope your copy is the kiss one.Have a few other comics you might want Capt America etc will give to you if you want no charge no obligation

Anonymous said...

Sorry for treating your blog like email, but if you want to get in touch its i am not on facebook but when i am it will be so uncool
ps (999 represents my te score not)
Hope to hear from you at some stage