Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mecha Photography

I went to Supanova today, and it some what sucked with a paucity of guests I wanted to listen to, crappy weather and far too many cosplayers who I feel like I would never actually see in a comic shop, but maybe I'm being judgemental. Anyway, Zombster were giving away these free model kits to get you hooked and hopefully make you buy one more advanced. This was the most basic model, with very limited articulation and no real flourishes to it. But I liked it, and took some photos at home because I had nothing else to do tonight.


Brad McCoy said...

Mmmm... paucity.

I like the effect on the last one.

SDAL said...

Yeah, thanks. It is a good word. And also I'm really happy with the photos. They've all got at least 2 manipulations/filters to them, so I'm happy they turned out as well as they did.
At least I obviously think so.

richard said...

Yeah, I agree with that SDAL character - I'm happy with the way that all these photos turned out.