Sunday, March 22, 2009

Because You Demanded It

Something funny happened to me the other day. Well, mildly amusing.  And since there had been some demand for another blog installment, I actually thought I had something to say. But we'll get to that soon.
So what's been new in my world? Well, not all that much. A couple weekends ago went down to Denver again to spend the weekend with Neil and family. Was going to make a big weekend out of it, go see see Watchmen on Imax, head to Boulder on saturday with Boxes. So I got into DIA and caught the bus to Nine Mile Station and then the train to the movies. I got there in plenty of time and was walking to the door when I saw it said automatic door, so I waited for it to open and these three other guys entered another door. Then I saw it was an automatic door when you push a button, so I pushed the button and got in the queue behind the guys who hurried in before me while I was waiting for the doors to open. They bought tickets for the screening I was going to then it was my turn. But wouldn't you know it, it was sold out. If I hadn't wasted those few valuable seconds waiting at an "Automatic" door, I would have been there before them. Aaahh!! Anyway, I went and saw Street Fighter:The Legend Of Chun-Li instead.
Went to Boulder the next day, bought a light jumper with 2% cashmere for $7, had a delicious lunch of crepes, walked around a bit and wished I was about 10 years younger. Boulder is a college town, lots of pretty young ladies walking around. Just made me feel old. Nice place though.
I bought ticket to Watchmen online that night so wouldn't miss out the next day, but misremembered the time so ended up being late, so went back down to box office to see if I could see a later show. Which I could, but that meant I had some time up my sleeve, so ducked into town to waste some time there. Finally got to see the movie, and really thought I got to stop making a big deal out of these things. I mean it was a good movie, but really it just made me want to read the comic again. Which is just frustrating since my copy is an ocean away, and I don't want to spend money on something I already have. Anyway, it was a fun weekend away, and I was planning on making it my last till my time was up here. In an effort to make as much money as I can in these final weeks I put my name down for work on fridays, one of my days of. The funny things is, the friday before that weekend, I had put my name down as well for extra work, but I got sick so turned down a Denver run, then turned down another job I felt I could have done because I was about to go to the movies in Edwards. But the last two fridays, even though I put my name down, nothing. Work is really slowing down. The days are beautiful, the sun is shining, but the snow ain't falling, so people aren't coming, so not so much driving. But spring is coming, things are turning green.
Shall I tell you my amusing anecdote now? Yes, I think I shall. I pulled into the holding lot at DIA and went to use the facilities as is my wont, and some water had splashed up on the seat. The restroom had just been cleaned, so there were two new rolls of toilet paper in the dispenser, large industrial ones. But the cover to the dispenser was missing. So I pulled some TP to dry the seat off when the roll just jumped off the dispenser and fell into the bowl. Splash., straight in. I pulled it out quickly, but didn't know what to do with it, so just left it on the ground next to the toilet. Pretty funny, hey? Or, at least, mildly amusing.
So yesterday I took advantage of the sunshine and the monthly free lesson and free rental and went snowboarding. It was fun, but tiring. Pretty much all we did was learn how to stop, use the heel edge. i could have learnt a bit more, but I was tuckered out so went home. Don't know if I'll do it again, it would help if I cared or thought I was ever going to do it again in the future. But I don't, so not sure I will. It might seem like a waste, but I can live with that. This whole time away has been a waste, I don't think I'll be able to go to one comic convention while I'm here, there's just not enough money in the bank to justify it. Oh well, at least I did something, even if it did turn out to be a mistake.
Before I go, something nice happened yesterday. Anna asked if I wanted a copy of Watchmen. Apparently another driver found it in his van and forgot about it, then remembered and asked Anna if she wanted it. She didn't, but thought she knew someone who did. Guess what, that was me. So now I can read Watchmen. Cool. I read chapter one last night, and I'll read chapter two later. I'll read a chapter a day, savour it a bit. It was never my favourite comic, I much prefer Return of The Dark Knight, but it is a classic.

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Can I borrow your copy of the Watchmen? Even better, can I have your spare copy, if you have two copies now?

Sometimes I wish I was in America. New York, mostly.