Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm trying to get some photos up here, and I know I can get them up, but I'm struggling to find out how to get them throughout the blog rather than just up the top, so I'm going to try put one in now, nope it just went to the top of the page again, so let me try this other thing, nope, that didn't work either, it just added it above the plane.
Grease is on. I'd forgotten it had an animated opening credit sequence.
Ok, let's see if I can work this out, I must be missing something. I've seen othe blogs with photos throughout 'em.
This is ridiculous, I got to work this out. Any clues, anyone?
Well, the battery is almost flat on Anna's computer, so I might just leave it there. 
Pretty informative blog, huh?
Glad you like it.

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Clayton McIntosh said...

Brisbane's pretty good... just missing a bit of SDAL...