Monday, February 16, 2009

So I'm sitting at home watching Robocop 3 on TV, mainly because I can't find any Malcom In The Middle on at the moment. There's no Peter Weller, and so far Nancy Allen has been less than favourable, so I don't know how much longer I can last.
Anyway, things are going well. Worked quite a bit this week, probably earned more this week than any other week, I think 3 double Denvers, an Eagle-Denver, pretty decent tips, it's all adds up.
Last weekend, I went down to Denver again, I was hoping to see The Dark Knight in Imax, but turns out it only played for one week, so I missed it. But I did get to see Coraline in 3D. After My Bloody Valentine 3D, I was a little skeptical still about 3D, but I thought because of Coraline's stop motion technique, it might be better. And it was. So much better. It's a good film to start with, but the 3D just elevated it to a whole new level, just magic. Go see it in 3D if you can.
Lewis just died in Robocop, which was painfully obvious was going to happen when she refused some body armour cause she was off-duty, but still got in the car with Robo.
Well, I don't have really much to say, things are going well. Good time last weekend with Neil and the family and walking around downtown Denver. Looking forward to 6th March, Watchmen is released and I'll get to see it in Imax, which should be pretty cool.
Anyway, only took about 3 months, but I finally settled into my life here.


Nick said...

hi scott. good to read the blog whenever there is a new message. Sounds like things are going better lately. good stuff. Like me it looks like you'll miss a plenty good retrospective they're doing at Brisbane Goma - North American horror films from 1960s onwards. From February to March. There screening lots of classics i've seen and plenty I haven't. Oh well. Such is life. Hope you're physically, emotionally and spiritually well. Nick.

andy said...

Good to hear, Scott.