Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So anyway, I had a pretty good weekend last weekend. Went down to Denver to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen it in 3D, as it just seemed to have a cheap digital look to it. But it was a horror movie in 3D, so I had to try.
I'd organised with Neil to hook up for dinner, which was going to be a chance to meet his Mrs and kid, and get a free meal out of it. Things had worked out well for me, I got a lift down with Paul, who had a few hours before his departure from DIA, so he offered to drop me off at the Northfield shopping precinct, so I was able to get there for an early session, since I wasn't wasting time on public transport. So I had plenty of time for another film before Neil was ready to pick me up, so I went and saw The Wrestler. Went to Borders and bought some comics and a nice art book. Probably wouldn't have done that if I'd seen my paycheque for the fortnight, which seemed to be at an all-time low. But that shock wasn't in store for me till a day or two when I got back. So Neil came and picked me up, and we went and picked up Maya, his daughter, from daycare. We were going to swing by the Uni to have a look where Neil worked, but we ran out of time. So instead of having dinner at home, the decision was made to go out for dinner, which was fine with me. I had a shift cancelled on me for the next day, so I was kind of leaning towards staying at Neil's for the night. We decided that was what was going to happen, but half way through my first beer, I got a call from work wanting to confirm me for a 9:30am shift the next morning. I explained I was in Denver, halfway through my first beer, and was planning on staying the night, so that really wasn't going to work out. Then I rang and changed my shuttle to the next night. Anyway, we ended up having to wait awhile for Neil's Mrs and fellow workmates, so I finished the beer on an empty stomach and we ordered dinner without them. Tamara and the others eventually turned up, dinner was yummy, and we all had a good time. It was really good to catch up with Neil again, felt just like old times. And it was great to meet his wife and daughter. Great family. Good times.
We went home and stayed up late talking and watching TV. When they heard that I didn't have one, Tamara offered me a spare one they had, which sounded mighty fine to me. The next day I wanted to head into Denver to look around. Neil offered to drive me in, well, almost insisted, and that was ok with me. But he was a little concerned that downtown Denver wasn't really going to offer me what I wanted. We drove around it a little bit, and there didn't seem to be any kind of shopping precinct like back home, so I was happy enough to go to Cherry Creek where Neil thought it would be better. We stopped of for coffee and bagels, and I ordered a hot chocolate. The girl on the counter said she couldn't make a very good hot chocolate, so I ordered a coke instead, a "fountain drink" as we call them here, and she gave it to us for free since she couldn't make a very good hot chocolate. Cool, bonus. Anyway, Neil was just meant to drop me off cause he had to take Tamara to work and do some work himself, but I think we ended up chatting for almost a couple of hours? It was long enough for Tamara to call anyway. So I had a look around Cherry Creek shopping mall, which was a bit too upmarket for me, but had a cinema, so went and saw Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans, which was so-so. Didn't leave me hot, didn't leave me cold. Still had plenty of time after, so I walked the streets around the area for a bit. Felt like a high end West End, only bigger. Some really nice back alleys which I'm hoping to take photos of next time I'm down. Anyway, Neil picked me up, went back to his place to check out the TV, which was definitely a good size for transport, but still big enough to watch. Headed of to DIA to catch my shuttle back home.
While I was away, someone moved into our spare room, Anna. Actually it's her Macbook I'm using now. Nice, a Mac. But now I have to share my bathroom again. Oh well.
Went to church the next morning. Some sad news there. One of the young ladies of the congregation was killed in a car accident during the week. I didn't know her, I don't really know anyone there, but it was sad. I'd noticed her just the week before. She played percussion and was pretty. She didn't look like she was much older the early 20's. Such a tragic waste.
Later on that day I went to the cinema in Edwards and saw Frost/Nixon, which was probably the best film of the weekend. Then I went to the office and saw my paycheque. Ouch.
But all in all, it was a really good weekend, probably my favourite since being here.
Well, that's about it as far as news go, the rest of the week was just work with nothing too eventful happening. It was Superbowl Sunday yesterday, so I watched most of the game. The team I was going for made a great comeback, only to lose it in the final minute of the game. Oh well, good thing I don't care.
Having a TV has been bad, it's such a time waster, I'd hardly done much before or after work since getting it. But today's shift got cancelled on me, so instead of spending all day watching TV, I did some work on a painting and started a new one, watched some episodes of Heroes, which I count as different to watching TV, and went over some comic pages I'd drawn. So today didn't feel like such a waste.
Anyway, I'm gonna finish of now. I had been hoping to go to New York this weekend, but accommodation fell through, a friend of a friend, so I'm hoping to head back down to Neil's this weekend, and actually spend some time in Denver on Friday, when it should feel like a bustling metropolis.

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