Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Architecture and the World.

"It is a book about architecture. Which means it’s a book about everything, including but not limited to all of history, all of the future, being completely mad, living in all things at all times and the death and also the saving of science fiction."

I was reading a blog entry by Waren Ellis, comicbook writer, over at Bleeding Cool.com, where he was talking about a book he thought people should read. In his discussion was the above quote, which while I'm not entirely sure about the accuracy of the statement, feels like reasonably true statement to make. "It is a book about architecture. Which means it’s a book about everything..." It seems architecture is a pretty defining thing. A shaper of civilisation, or does civilisaion shape architecture? Jared has a book I borrowed and unfortunately had to give back about Cities. I think it probably covers the same kind of ground. I know within my Beedle work, I want the City to be a very real part of it, even if perhaps the casual reader is unaware of it, I know I want it to inform every aspect of it, of how make it. The City and Beedle are linked. The story of the City is the story of Beedle.
No, that's not true. The story of Beedle is the story of the City. That's not it either.
But there's some kind of link.
The City existed before Beedle, and will exist after he is gone, but it will be changed by both, his pre-existence and his existence.
And probably by his death.
But I haven't got to that part yet.
I'm still writing the revolution.

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