Monday, November 30, 2009

Let's Try This Again: The Expendables Trailer

Last time I had a link up to this, it was pretty much taken down by the end of the day. But thanks to Olli, we now know about this one over at dailymotion. Thanks Olli.
Expendables Trailer.
Don't forget to look at this when you get home Brad.


Olli said...

sly's goatee looks ridiculous. discuss.

SDAL said...

I think there are things of more concern in the trailer than Sly's goatee, but since that's what we're discussing...Yes it may look ridiculous, but I think it looks ridiculous for a purpose, and that's not necessarily to look ridiculous. One idea is to maybe differentiate this from Rambo, the other idea I have is that it's in line with the kind of 80's throwback vibe of the whole thing, which could be the undoing of the movie if Sly doesn't commit to the level of ultra-violence used in "Rambo".