Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ong Bak 3

Now I know some of us were disappointed with Ong Bak 2, but if it had been called "Various Martial Arts Weapons Fights In Ancient Thailand" I think there would have been less disappointment. Certainly the appeal of Ong Bak was just seeing Tony Jaa be the weapon, but I still think there's some great stuff in Ong Bak 2, like the kid fighting the crocodile, or any of the fights really, it's just not what we were expecting.
But anyway, here comes Ong Bak 3. I'm not going to bother summarising, because the Twitch article is small enough to read for yourself. But I do like the idea of what I'm assuming is a metaphorical concept, being given physical form. The Muppets did it pretty successfully in The Muppet Movie where Kermit was discussing with himself whether he should go on after he's lead everyone out into the wilderness and everything has just fallen apart. One of my favourite parts. And it sounds like something similar is going on here, if I can draw conclusions from the poster art and movie description.
But with more punches.


brad mccoy said...

ong bak 2 wouldn't have been any good, even if it was titled "don't expect much of this film!"

SDAL said...

Obviously I disagree, but hopefully Ong Bak 3 will restore your faith in Jaa.