Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Films of 2009?

I'd like to start the discussion about what have been the "best" films of the year. I put best in inverted commas because I realise that what I consider best is not actually a reflection of quality, so it's probably more accurate to say favourite films of the year. This list can't be considered final yet, as I'm anticipating "Where The Wild Things Are" to be in the list, but this is what springs to my mind of films I've really enjoyed this year.

Feel free to contribute your ideas in the comments section below, or continue the conversation at your own blog. I look forward to seeing what you think.


Joel said...

i haven't seen any mentioned.

samson and delilha?

not : amelia or astroboy

richard said...

quite a comprehensive list you've got there. when's filming etc?

SDAL said...

Thanks for the suggestion Joel, but I don't think that'll make my list, though it will probably make a lot of critics' lists
It's just the start of the conversation Richard. Filming is later.

brad mccoy said...

ummm... i can't remember what number "bring it on" came out in 2009... was it number 16?

cuspidor said...

hello Scott, I thought this was a good year for films. I particularly liked the animated children's film 'Up' and 'Where the Wild Things Are.'