Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jeremy Geddes

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this guy for a while, but got lazy again and was crippled by trying to decide which pieces to show you without just putting all his stuff up. His name is Jeremy Geddes, and he’s a Melbourne artist who I think is doing some really excellent work.

The first piece of his I came across was this one above, which was in one of my Spectrum Books. It was one of my favourite pieces in the book, and while I took note of the name, I took it no further. I really liked his execution, the level of skill he displayed, and the subject matter spoke to my HK Triad film part of my brain.

Then the poster blog ( site I regularly visit had up some new posters like this one. Again I really liked it, but the name didn’t really ring a bell. But this time I investigated a bit more and found all these wonderful paintings, with Cosmonauts floating through abandoned urban landscapes (see below) and his earlier work, all with this foreboding sense of danger and threat, some specific, some more just in the mood.

Anyway, he’s definitely worth checking out, if you’re into good stuff.

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