Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unbelievable Trailer For A Movie It Looks Like I Would Make

So as long as you're prepared for some groans and chuckles, there's not much point watching this.
So it's a Malaysian film, shot with an eye to the international marketplace, and it's brilliant, like "Something Else" is.

Original story ran over at Twitch.

Maybe read this bit after watching the trailer, I don't want to spoil any of it's riches.
Things I Love About ThisTrailer
1. "Nah Susan, I'm tired of school. I need a year off. You could come with me?" Such a great line delivery!
2. The voiceover that sounds like it's a speech program from Windows.
3. The fact that it's a clown serial killer. Not at all cliche. That's what I'd do too.
4. The sound of the knife being pulled out from what I can only assume is a steel scabbard.
5. The fact that he gets his gun in a shoebox. I'd use a Converse Box.
6. The fist bump.
7. "I don't want to understand him, I just want to kill him."
8. That weird flapping things the clown does when he's standing against the wall.
9. A killer clown with a machine gun.
10. The title.

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