Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Had A Pretty Good Weekend

You know, I had a really great weekend, so I wanted to write a bit about it, so I don’t forget I guess, or just because it was so nice, I just wanted to share with you.
Shall we start with Friday night? It’s not really the start of my weekend, but it’s the start of most people’s, so we may as well start there. I went over to Michael Fooks’ place to watch Avatar and eat pizza and drink bourbon and rum. I only mention those last 2 because I’m sure they contributed to my drowsiness and my wonderfully blissful uninterrupted sleep when I got home. And it wasn’t watching Avatar that made it a memorable night. No, that movie is woeful and there is no saving it. NO, what made this a good start to the weekend is Michael showed me two game son his iPhone, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. I enjoyed playing these while the stupidity that is Avatar went on without me. In fact, these are the first two games I’ve actually paid money for. What pleasure there was in getting my first 6+ Fruit Combo, or even just the simple pleasure of seeing fruit fall under the slash of my blade. Nice.
Of course, I did have to work on Saturday, and theirs is really nothing positive to say about that so let’s move onto Saturday night. I’ve probably gushed enough about roller derby, but let me just put it down in writing, make it official. Having already been exposed to local roller derby thanks to the Northern Brisbane Roller League, I hungered for more, and my cousin assured me the league down in Beenleigh was much better. So a merry crew of converts and soon to be converted headed down to see what we could see. Almost missed out as internet allocations had sold out, and when we got there found out there was only 50 tickets available at the door. But we were there in plenty of time, so able to get in. But it does mean we were standing around for awhile, getting bored and restless. Lucky for me I had my Fruit Ninja game to occupy me. Maybe it’s that pleasure/pain dynamic at play, because as much as we suffered in the waiting, it was more than made up for by the excitement of the bout. Pretty early on, I decided the Liquorice Short Shorts would be my team, as I saw them practicing their drills on the track.

I chose right, even though we lost, it’s pretty obvious they’re the superior team. Anyway, it was a great night, with the final 15 minutes especially thrilling as the lead passed from team to team, coming down to just 4 points the difference. Stand outs for the night were several, but as seen in a previous post, my favourites were Rose Ruin and Cookie Cutter.
So the next day I went to church in the morning, thinking I’d get out of there pretty early. But instead stayed around talking with different people till about midday. I was kind of surprised to look at my watch and see so much time had passed, but it was good company and good conversation, so that was nice. I decided I needed more shoes, as I was getting bored with my choices of Connies, so decided to head to DFO. Fantastically, I found 2 pairs of Chuck Taylors at the right price and new colours I don’t have, so walked away with a couple of new pairs of shoes.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of buying a dual tuner DVD recorder hard drive thingy, but that Sony store wasn’t there anymore. But when I went to get back on the Centenary highway, I got on the wrong way and was pointed towards Idro instead of the Ipswich motorway, so decided to head to the shopping town there and see if the Myer Stocktake sale was going to make it easy for me. No such luck, but I ran into Ness and Nicole there, so ended up chatting with them, and then having dinner with them before heading to visit Unichurch that night. Oh wait, there’s something I forgot to mention. Like I said, I was planning on visiting Unichurch that night, so I was going to send Jared a text as I was leaving DFO to see if he and Jemima wanted to do anything for dinner. But like 5 minutes before I was going to text him, I got a photo on my phone from Jared of a tiny baby arm, with Bird, Jemima Ann, 6/6/10 11:46, Boy written on it. That was pretty good news, even though it meant I wouldn’t be having dinner with them, but I was pretty happy to hear about it still. A bit unexpected, Jared said 9 days early, so I guess that’s not too early, though is unexpected and not common. So yay!! A baby boy and everyone’s ok. So where were we? Oh yeah, dinner at sushi train, which was frankly a little disappointing. For the money I spent there, I can do much better at Jackpot. Oh well. Left Ness and Nicole and drove to church early so I could park and still fit a bit of a walk in. Nice time at church chatting with old friends and Andrew Ling. Did you know he’s thinking about going into politics in the future as a way of doing ministry? I didn’t, but now I do. Would have liked to stay longer, but I was over that side of town to take advantage of the Eldorado’s cheap ticket offer and went to see “I Love You Too”. I actually quite enjoyed it, mainly because of the character Peter Dinklage, the dwarf, plays. He did a really good job, and I liked his story. So that was good, I was afraid it was really going to suck, but I liked it. So that was Sunday.
Monday, the second actual day of my “weekend”, I headed up Mt. Tamborine to spend some time with Mark and Bethany and Sonny, the Jenner’s new Labrador pup. Had a nice lunch where I finished off the tomato and poor Mark didn’t get any, but as he’s such a gracious host, he still let me have some ice-cream for dessert. Enjoyed my time with them and then we went to pick up the kids from school. It’s nice to see the smile on a kids face when you show up unexpectedly at school. I feel popular. Heard about Eddie and Millie’s school day, then dropped them all off at Ma and Pa’s where Jo was waiting, and I ate some Peanut Butter Chocolate balls on the journey as well. If you haven’t had Sandy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls, they’re pretty much like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups so you know you’re missing out. Farewelled them and headed down the coast to have dinner with Ju & Stu, and as it turns out Rachel, as she joined us via skype, so as we sat on one side of the table, Rachel sat on the other side, squeezed into Stuart’s laptop. So that was pretty cool too. Headed home after an episode of Scrubs, and went to bed a pretty happy man.
So all in all, it was a pretty good weekend. The good times continued as I got to visit Oscar Bird on Tuesday, and spend some nice time with the newly expanded Bird family. I got to hold Oscar for most of the time I was there, and he’s a beautiful little boy.

Community group was pretty good last night, I thought as well, with the idea of taking joy in the fact those people we know around us who are Christians are Christians, and we should remember that. You know how exciting it is when you hear about someone turning to Jesus? Well, we should be that excited all the time that anyone of us is Christian, no matter how long they have been. Harder to maintain hat level than to talk about it, but still, it’s a good idea and was a helpful reminder. Then I just had nice dinner with Gav down at the Mexican restaurant down West End, so if you see me in the next couple days, and ask how I’m doing, and I say good, you know I mean it.