Saturday, June 5, 2010

Youtube Clips Of The Day: Iron Baby/Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

I wasn't sure if I had already posted the second clip, but I don't think I actually got round to posting it, so I include it here with a new one by the same guy, I think.

Aww, bugger. Why do they make these blog columns too narrow? The below clips don't fit properly, but go to these links to see it properly.
Iron Baby
Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee


Clayton McIntosh said...

You can fit youtube to your blog... I think... click the smaller size on youtube in embed... and paste it in your blog.

I don't think there good instructions but I hope you can work it out.

SDAL said...

Yeah, I already chose the smaller screen setting, but it's still too big. I think some videos must be bigger than others, because obviously I've had others that fit fine.
Anyway, I really love the Bruce Lee one. What a pop culture mash-up. You've got Bruce, Iron Man, Lord of the Rings and I think some of those martial art moves are from the Matrix as well. Genius.