Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Poster Expendables 2?

So over at Bleeding Cool, they ran a poster from JoBlo, an exclusive for them, so I guess it would nice if you visited their website to take a look.

That works for me, even though the guy at Bleeding Cool doesn't like it. I'm sure he has a point, but when the selling point of your film is those names and faces, of course you're going to put them up there, and it's working on me. It makes me kind of giddy to see all those people on the same poster, and know it's a reality, not just some action movie fan's photoshop wet dream.


Brad McCoy said...

Is this for real? It didn't take them long.

Old Horse said...

Yeah, I believe so. I think this'll be another case of the concept being more exciting than the product, but that's mainly because the director is Simon West, who isn't the return to old school directing many in the "action film community" were hoping for.