Monday, December 8, 2008

More Things That Make Me Happy

-Continuing on from the cinema, they have Root Beer on tap! Delicious.
-And Root Beer that costs ridiculous amounts back home is cheap as here, I bought a 12 pack yesterday for the price of about 5 cans back home. Cool.
-You know there really is some magnificent country around here. It's really been the canyons I've responded to, driving through them. I wasn't able to take photos of some of my favourite parts because I was driving through it or I was on the wrong side of the van, but hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a better position, though I think I may actually be going in the opposite direction. Also, when it snows, alot of this place really does look magical. You could see why people would want to live here, it's quite beautiful. I'd still rather have the heat and a different kind of beauty, but I can appreciate it.
-I like walking back to the office after the movie, it feels free.
-When I found some graffiti and a stencil under the train bridge, that made me happy. I hadn't seen any and it wasn't beggining to make me a little stir crazy, thinking "How small is this place it doesn't even have graffiti?", but then I found some and it felt like civilisation. Not that I'm condoning graffitti, but I needed that stencil.
-Redaing The Stand and Twilight. I wanted to re-read The Stand because alot of it is set in Colorado, and while I haven't been to Boulder, there where other Landmarks and towns I recognised or have been to or live in and near, so that was cool. And Twilight was interesting because the narrator of that story goes from a sunny hot climate she loves to a cold cloudy enviroment, and I understood how she felt. Also I'm a sucker for romance with Vampires in it.
-Naruto. Wal Mart sells Naruto cheaper than cover price. Now I'm up to date except for Vol 33 which comes out this month. Naruto rocks! Also I can get Shonen Jump which has the latest installments of Naruto in it, so I'm really going to be up to date.
-Sleeping in and sleep. I finally acclimatised a week or two ago, not really sure how long I've been here, but it's nice to sleep the whole night through and not have to get up early.

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