Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

I realise that perhaps I've been sounding a bit glum, so I wanted to write a little bit to even it out. I was going to do it yesterday or the day before, but had a really frustrating day and was instead trying to work out how I was going to change my plane ticket and come home, get a job to pay off my debts, and put all thoughts of Colorado behind me. But then the next day I got my social security number and have worked lined up for Teus-Thurs, so now I feel better. So now I'm going to try focus on the positive and write a list of all the things I like over here so far.
-I really like making myself a Ham & Salad sandwich and then eating it. There's something really positive about the consruction of a sandwich, the layers, the putting it together, level by level. And then it just tastes delicous.
-I found a really nice mild cheese I like, first one I tried. It was the cheapest and comes in a re-sealable ziplock bag. It's a horid colour that seems like a fake plastic cheese, but it tastes delicious.
-Wal Mart has a whole bunch of DVDs really cheap (which I haven't bought yet, but will soon), like Hard Boiled, Fist Of Legend, the Tremors Box set (all 4 movies!) for $14 and multiple others. I think I'll buy Tremors and Hard Boiled tonight.
-My comic shop. It's not really a comic shop, it's actually a music shop with comics in the back corner, but the owner's a comic geek, and very helpful. He's been great at giving me stuff for free, like old Previews and a whole bunch of promotional stuff, which admittedly is free anyway, but he went to his back bit and pulled out a whole bunch of older promo posters for me so now my room feels a bit more like my room. He also gave me a couple of free badges, so it's just nice to know that there's a comic store there.
-The Bookworm. This is the bookstore I found early on, which saved me a little back then. Actually, saved me a lot. It's nice and warm and comfartbale and they sell books and magazines and comic trade paperbacks and when I get my computer, they have free Wi-Fi so I plan on going there and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate and free internet. They also put me onto the music shop where I get my comics, so cheers to them.
-I might complain about the lack of variety, but at least there is a cinema. Granted it's just a 4 screen, and it's not showing everything it could be (example: the new Punisher film was released yesterday but it's not showing here yet), but at least it's here and showing movies. I guess if I'm patient, I'll get to see most things. (Since this is meant to be a positive column, I should stop here, but it's a little annoying that one of the advantages of coming to the States is actually not available to me, getting to see all the films I can't see back home, because this palce is jsut too small to have an alternative cinema or get all the first release movies.)

I might sign off here, because I want to catch the next shuttle, but I'll try return with some more positive thoughts soon.

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