Sunday, September 6, 2009

More News On Rambo 5

So over the weekend a bit more news came to light about the upcoming Rambo 5 Sly has under way. At first, I wasn't liking what I was hearing, as it was a different direction to what we'd heard earlier, and wasn't set in a Mexican border town, but had Rambo being recruited to hunt some kind of US Govt. experiment or something. I really liked the idea of Rambo in Mexico taking on drug lords and what not, and this didn't sound so cool. BUt since then, Sly has talked with Harry and clarified it a bit more, and get this, you can listen to the voicemail message Stallone left on Harry's phone. You can listen to the message and read the original article over at aintitcool, but basically the idea is it's more of a beast than a man he's hunting, but an intelligent beast. I'm more excited about the idea after actually listening to Sly talk about it, but maybe Rambo 6 can be the Mexico one.


brad mccoy said...

predator, anyone?

SDAL said...

Yeah, definitely sounds similar. I read elsewhere that he had bout the rights to some book called "The Savage Hunt", and had just transferred it to the Rambo character.
Did you listen to the audio?