Friday, September 11, 2009

My Brisbane: New Wonton & BBQ Pork Noodle Soup

I've been a big fan of the Wonton & BBQ Pork Noodle Soup for many a year now, for it's affordability and it's flavour range. I've enjoyed Jackpot's No. 8, especially for it's price and I've enjoyed that Chinese place in Albert St down the escalator for it's noodle, but now I've got a new place.
The Golden BBQ on Wickham St. in the Valley is exactly the kind of place I enjoy going to, with roasted duck and pork hanging in the window, a tiled floor and predominantly Chinese customers. It feels more authentic. I'd passed by there and seen the Noodle Soup on their menu, so decided to give it a go some time. The opportunity arose last night, so I got my chance. And it was good. The noodle is a thinner egg noodle, and I think I still prefer the noodle in Albert St., but it's a better noodle than Jackpot's. The soup is what I usually leave, but this tasted like a real soup, and if I wasn't so full at the end, I might have been tempted to try finish it. But mental note, save your last piece of BBQ pork till the end so you can leave the restaurant with that flavour still in your mouth. The BBQ pork was delicious, and had more pieces than Jackpot and Albert St., though they were slightly smaller in area size, but it looked like overall it was more meat, and good tasting meat.The bok choi made a nice change from the cabbage or whatever it is at Jackpot, and I actually ate most of the greens in the soup rather than leave it. The wontons I think were standout, there were more of them compared to the other restaurants mentioned, and they tasted good. I'm not sure that's got the right emphasis, let's try again. They tasted goood!! Jackpot still beats them on price, as it cost $9.50, but there's no Jackpot in the Valley and considering the size of the meal, it's still pretty good value.
So next time I'm in the Valley looking for a decent meal, I think I'll head back to Golden BBQ and try some other stuff on their menu. The other people's meals looked just as good as mine. Yummy.

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