Friday, September 4, 2009

My Brisbane: New Sushi Spot

After many years of faithful service to Hanaichi, I have decided to take my sushi business elsewhere while I'm in town. For many years there was nothing that could compete with Hanichi's Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll, but since my departure and return, they have now added Avocado to their Teriyaki Chicken, and have raised the price. I don't want Avocado in my Teriyaki Chicken Roll. So in my search for non-avocado sushi roll, I have settled on Top Sushi in Albert St. next to Krispey Kreme. In their favour they have an excellent range of sushi. They have a place to sit down and eat upstairs, with actual soy sauce bottles on the table and wasabi packets to take. This makes the actual eating part of the sushi more enjoyable as you can sit and enjoy your sushi without struggling with a soysause packet squirting everywhere, and you can pour more than just packet sized portion. Sorry Hanichi, it was good while it lasted, I'll always look back on you fondly, but it's time to move on.


Olli said...

kabuki has apparently opened an 'express/takeaway' outlet. yum time !

brad mccoy said...

yeah nadia and i go there all the time. they've dropped their standards recently though. try to fresh salmon roll! to die for!

SDAL said...

I don't know kabuki, I take it that's a japanese restaurant, but i'm open for yummy food, so let me know where it is.
i'm sure i used to go to top sushi for a crispy chicken, but they haven't had it the last couple of times i've been, though i'm always tempted by the salmon, i still usually get the teriyaki chicken. i think next time i'll grab a salmon pack.