Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Photo Got Me Excited

Who here remembers The A-Team? I know I do, it was one of my favourite shows growing up, even though if I were to watch it now, I imagine it would suck, it wouldn't have aged kindly. But there's a movie version in production (of course), which I was mildly excited about, but my excitement got kicked up a notch when I came across these photos. Especially this one. That's Sharlto Copely (District 9) as "Mad-Dog" Murdoch, probably my favourite character from the show, and they've got the look down right. The rest of the cast looks pretty good, and if you're interested, you go check out The A-Team for yourself.


Clayton McIntosh said...

Can people stop making movies of things from the past.

Unless its a 3d pinkie and the brain where brain takes over the world!

SDAL said...

It's nice that you think you can appeal to the Hollywood machine through the comments section of my blog Clay. I'm sure, like you, this is the first thing movie studio executives check when they jump on the internet in the morning.
As for Pinky & The Brain 3D Movie Spectacular, it's already been done, you just missed it.