Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Thoughts and further thoughts

We are all travellers on this planet, you just kind of notice it more when you travel. Back home, when walking through the streets, I was surrounded by people, but never paid them any mind. Here, travelling, the airports, everyone seems worthy of investigation, everyone seems paying some regard. Why? They're no different than the people back home, except of course they are. They're here, not there, this is their home. I imagine they must feel how I feel when I'm at home, totally unaware that person I'm walking past is feeling different, aware, a traveller.

I keep thinking I hear my phone ring, or feel it vibrate in my pocket, even though I know I left it at home.
It feels very disconnected, not having my phone. I can't take comfort in the list of peoples names and numbers. I can't call anyone or recieve their calls. It's a little bit lonely.

When eating in a mexican restaurant, the side-order of chips is just as likely to be corn chips. I guess they'd be fries if they were chips.

L.A. Airport is busy. I've never seen so many airplanes dancing around each other. From the hall outside my window in L.A. I can see a que of planes, at least 6, they're landing lights shining like a fairy lights strung out across the sky.

I'm glad we got rid off our 1 & 2 cent coins. With every purchase I'm getting pennys. The coin pouch of my wallet is bulging. I look forward to when I've got my bank account and can starting operating without money again. Paper money sucks. The notes look too similar and feel like crap. They're practically falling apart some of them. The price you pay is not the price you pay. Advertised price plus tax. I've got to try remember the tax. You look at the menu, think I can afford $4.50, then at the resgister thay ask you for $4.85. What? Oh that's right, tax. Why not just include it in the price? It makes it easier for me to calculate.

Travelling to Las Vegas by bus, we pulled in for a pit stop. It looked like a little Vegas, a Vegas strip in minuture, made up of petrol stations and fast food outlets. The toilet I used was automatic, and flushed when I rose. The soft drink dispenser had helpful suggestions for which drink would go well with which meal. I ignored it and just got the coke.

Nearly every toilet door I've used has had a different locking mechanism.

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