Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Thoughts On Birds

While I was waiting in the carpark of one our breaks on the way to Vegas, I saw a crow. I've always liked crows, their beautiful plummage, their size, a magnificent bird. I even like the call they make, especially the rolling gurgle thing they do. So I was pleased to see this rather large black beauty so close.
And then it spoke.
Not english, or spanish, which are the two most common languages here, but it wasn't the sound I was used to either. It wasn't a caw, it wasn't that "Predator" sound. It was more melodic, it wasn't melodic. It's actually a bit far ago for me to remember exactly, so I'm having trouble describing it, but it was weird not hearing the sound I would expect to hear.
It was probably a raven. Raven's are larger than crows I've found out since, and that might also explain the differnt sound.

They also have magpies here. I've had to doublecheck if they really are magpies, because thay don't look like magpies to me. They look like a larger black and white robin, not that I'm 100% sure what a robin looks like anyway. But they're smaller than a magpie back home, and it seems like just over half their length is their tail, and their black and white patterning is more regular, pretty much a white breast and the rest black.

One of the lead drivers made a joke the other day when we going past a hotel under construiction about the state bird of Vail being a crane. I thought it was kind of amusing. It wasn't till a few days later I realised it actually was a pun, when I remembered there actually is a bird called a crane.

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