Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts On Music

As I was planning my trip, I was making mental notes on the kind of music I was going to listen to as I travelled acros the U.S.. I thought Elvis would be good for when in Vegas, I was holding off on Dylan till I was travelling down the Highway. Instead i just put my i-pod on shuffle and listened to whatever came up.

Except in L.A.. I listned to Neil Young's L.A. albums there, "Zuma" and "On The Beach". It was good to listen to them, but they didn't really suit the areas I was walking. Cest la vie.

Leaving Los Angeles I found Pearl Jam to be very appropriate, especially their slower stuff. There was also another artist who seemd appropriate, but I've forgotten who it was. Maybe Leonard Cohen.

Entering into Las Vegas, Air Supply came on, and seemed to suit perfectly as well. It would've been nice to walk around Vegas, one of the most ridiculous places on earth, listening to my i-pod, but I got paranoid about being mugged and left it in my pocket.

Since being here, especially the first few days, I've found that the music I've most enjoyed when it's come up is Australian artists, especially Sarah Blasko for some reason. Probably because her stuff is good.

I haven't been personally listening to the radio, but when it's been on in the employee shuttle buses I've noticed that they play a lot more Dylan here than back home. Though you can't really take my word for that since I don't listen to the radio back home either.

I've saved my sanity and my ears a little by buying an alarm clock with an i-pod dock, so now I can listen to music and not always have to have my earphones in, and I can try fall asleep to movies without having an earphone pinch my ear as I lie on my pillow.

I've found Dylan's new CD, but am just waiting till I have something to play it on before I buy it. But I'll probably just buy when I get my first paycheck.

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