Tuesday, March 23, 2010

APT 2010

So I was going to do a larger write-up of this years APT, talking about how I felt it had a really nice flow through, with one room leading onto the next and everything, but I really can’t be bothered now, since it was like 3 weeks ago at least since I went, so I’m just going to put up some photos of some of my favourite stuff.

Firstly, those giant skulls were cool. Like 2 storeys tall, and actually painted if I recall properly. Sorry, I got no names to go with the pictures, so I can’t tell you much more.

Then there were the guitars which were transformed. My favourites were obviously these ones that had the elongated handles, but the others were cool too.

I think this is obviously a favourite of exhibition. It’s really cool how you can appreciate on different levels. I wish I had taken more photos of it, so you could get a sense of it more, like how if you just view it without looking too deeply, it’s just a field of flowers. Or if you just kind of concentrate on the guys below, you get a different vibe. And what a cool juxtaposition of these guys in suits carrying large flowers, it works on just a surreal level, but of course has more significance when you remember the slogan from the cultural revolution of “Let a thousand flowers bloom”, or something like that. I think maybe this was my favourite piece just because I could actually appreciate it on more than just an aesthetic level.

There was a room dedicated to the Peoples Democratic Dictatorship of Korea, or whatever North Korea calls itself. I really quite enjoyed the art in this room, as I have a fondness for socialist art. Apparently, as I read on the wall plaque, there are two streams of art in North Korea, the socialist stuff and some kind of portraiture school. I wish I could tell you more, but I wasn’t really taking notes.

Then there was the string room. The string room is really cool. I would’ve taken more photos to try capture the waves as walk into the string, but there were kids in there and didn’t want to get in trouble with the police. I highly recommend checking out the string room if location and time pose no barrier.

I also spent some time in the spinning things room. That was pretty nice and relaxing, and as I sat there watching the birds fly and things spin, I almost thought I caught a glimpse of what he (or she) was trying to tell me. But that was then.
I passed over most of the media type things. But plan on trying to get back and spend some time watching all the videos. I usually just find them boring though.

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Olli said...

the room i found most interesting was the room of north korean art. not quite sure why - i think it is easiest to understand ?

i was half-expecting, when clem7 opened, to find the interior walls covered in murals depicting our glorious lord mayor/premier who will always be with us and (insert standard socialist propaganda). sadly disappointing.