Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biomega Vol. 1

If I don’t tell you about this, who will?

Biomega is a new comic by Tsutomu Nihei, the creator of Blame. And if you don’t know what Blame is, it’s great comic that I came across in Afternnon Comics, maybe. Actually I forget where I came across it, but I was buying the Japanese edition before there were translated editions, because it looked so cool. Nihei’s style is all about a gothic sci-fi future world where people dress in leather and giant mechanical creatures could explode or transform under the effect of some virus before your eyes. His worlds are huge and sparsely populated. A character could walk for miles through huge concrete canyons, or across vast open distances, all within the city or building, and not meet anyone, but perhaps run into the skeletons or armour of some past being. His line work isn’t the clean linework one expects from manga, and so stands out. His brush is thick with ink, and he paints his figures in solid blacks. Which is not to say there isn’t fine line work, there is, and he uses it to contrast between characters, and the world around them. I think he’s great.

But onto Biomega vol.1.
Once again it’s a dystopian future, one where a virus seems to be turning people into mutated zombie like creatures. There’s some Health Organisation who are preparing for the next stage of humanity, who don’t want to see a cure for this, and there’s a company, Toa Heavy Industry, who are searching for those with immunity. They’re both after a girl, who is protected by a bear. Not a guy in a bear suit, a bear.

That’s a reason right there to love this. There’s plenty of other reasons, like Tsutomu Nihei’s art, the same weapons with incredible firepower, the groovy designs, all part of the package. As I write this, I’m having a hard time actually remembering what Blame was about, but this seems much more focused story-wise, so should be an enjoyable and easier read. Looking forward to the next couple of volumes.

All art from Biomega Vol. 1.

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