Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upcoming Releases For April That I'm Looking Forward To

Just thought I’d touch base and tell you what I’m looking forward to in the month of April.

Opening today is Clash of the Titans. I don’t really need to say anything here, do I?

And Nanny McPhee 2. I probably won’t actually see this one, though I did quite enjoy the first one, and it does it have Maggie Gyllenhal in it, so maybe I will, but I am looking forward to it, regardless of whether I actually see it.

Monga is a Taiwanese film that’ll be showing at Sunnybank in the next couple of weeks. That’s all I need to know.

Micmacs is the new film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director Amelie. I’ve only seen the trailer once, so not really sure what’s going on, but it’s about a guy who’s trying to do something to the heads of the company responsible for the bullets he was shot with, or something like that. It’s got a contortionist, and other oddbods, and I expect it’s charming and dark and funny.

Date Night with Steve Carrel and Tina McFey comes next week. I’ve only seen one trailer for this, and I don’t really remember it, but I have a huge crush on Tina, and they’re both pretty funny, so hopefully that translates to a good film.

Of course there’s Kick Ass, which opens on the 8th, but I’ll be seeing on the 7th. Woohoo! I’ve said enough about that already. Perhaps see my previous blog.

The Book Of Eli stars Denzil Washington, in a post apocalyptic world where he has the last remaining copy of the bible, and his quest is to protect it. Gary Oldman plays the villain of the movie, who wants to get his hands on the bible and misuse it as a power thing. Butt whooping ensue. Denzil usually does good films, and is usually good in them, and I like the look of this post apocalyptic world, so I’m excited.

Beneath Hill 60 is an Australian film, about some miners who go to war and dig a tunnel to blow up some Germans. I only heard about this in the last couple of weeks when the trailers tarted showing up at the movies, and while it’s not a highly anticipated one by me, it still looks pretty good so I’ll give it a go.

Hot Tub Time Machine was one I was looking forward to, but some negative reviews have dampened my enthusiasm, but I’ll probably still go see it out of misguided sense that John Cusack wouldn’t be in anything bad.

Triangle is an Australian horror film or thriller, which I only know about because I read about it on the Dendy webpage, but it sounds interesting, and I like to support local genre films.

And finally, wow, I didn’t realise this was coming out so soon. Iron Man has been one of my favourite films in the last couple of years, and the trailer looks like this isn’t going to disappoint. Iron Man 2. Who’d’ve thought it?


brad mccoy said...

john cusack? didn't he turn to the dark side (crappy rom coms) a few years ago now? pretty sure his last few have been shockers. what was that one about dogs? "must love dogs" or something?

SDAL said...

Don't forget 2012, but then again, I enjoyed all those crappy films.