Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Upcoming Movie To Keep An Eye Out For

Yesterday's post reminded me of another film I meant to mention to y'all. If you're not familiar with The Goon comic book, you should be. It's seven kinds of fun. And someone's making it into an animated film, David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club), I think. I just checked, he's producing, so don't know who's directing. Not sure I really care, just as long as they know what they're doing. Below is a still they've released of the film, and it looks pretty much like the comic, so I'm cautiously excited about this. It's hard when they translate beloved comics into film, something just gets lost in translation. I think Hellboy is a good example of that.


Clayton McIntosh said...

Whats the intended audience of the comic? the movie?

Looks cool.

Fingers crossed they don't use motion capture

brad mccoy said...

there is no way this could turn out well.

SDAL said...

Clay, you are the audience. You really should already be reading this comic. It's funny, it's violent, it's something that sometimes you probably don't want others to see you reading. It's not a kids comic.
I haven't heard that they were doing it motion-capture, so I'm pretty sure it's traditional 3D animation.

Brad, they'd have to be idiots to mess this up, considering the strength of the material, but considering it's Hollywood, yeah, maybe you're right. But I think if it's in David Fincher's hands, there's a pretty good chance it'll turn out ok.
Here's hoping, anyway.