Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Most Eagerly Anticipated


Clayton McIntosh said...

Looks dumb

brad mccoy said...

your face looks dumb.

no wait! your MUM looks dumb!

ha! chalk it up for mccoy.

Olli said...

have seen. is grouse.

was refreshing to have south african accents up there on the screen, rather than americans playing pretend.

is a bit gruesome - kind of at the 'hot fuzz' level ...

SDAL said...

Yeah, I loved it. It's not perfect, but what it does it does really well so as to cover any faults.
My biggest complaint was that a cliche sounds like a cliche in any language, be it Alien or South African accent. Also, one or two bits of film logic that if you weren't being blown away by the awesomeness could make you go Hmm?
But they blow up stuff real good.