Saturday, March 23, 2013

McDonalds Smoky Texan Burger

 Since I enjoyed the New York Burger so much, I decide to ry the the other burgers in McDonalds Taste of America promotion. Next on the list was the Smoky Texan Burger, which i again got in the value meal. This is more a more expensive burger than the New York Burger, I think the meal cost $8.95, but you might want to check that. But it is a bigger burger, with more fillings on it. It's a different kind of burger pattie, definitely more Angus beefy than the New York one, but I preferred the NY burger. It's sauce is more distinct, a BBQ sauce with a bit of bite to it. Very tasty. I'm noot a fan of the cheese McDonalds use, so it did lose points when I could taste it, but not enough to ruin the meal.
So yeah, it was good, but I recommend the New York Burger over this.

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