Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunnybank Dining: Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant: BBQ Pork & Wonton Noodle Soup

 So continuing my sampling of the different  restaurants around Sunnybank, I went to the restaurant opposite Little Cube, Vietnam Corner BBQ Restaurant. It's a bit hard to give a recommendation based on one meal, and a simple one at that, but from what I saw on other people's plates, it looks pretty good.
I like the atmosphere of the place, which isn't much, but I found the staff friendly and helpful, and keen to serve. Upon sitting down, a glass of tea was brought to my table, almost before the menus. I couldn't see Winter Melon Tea on the menu, but asked about it anyway. I was told it wasn't available, but I heard the wiatress asking the manager about it anyway, so it seems like they have good service.
I went there because they had BBQ Pork & Wonton Noodle Soup, and because they accepted EFTPOS, but I didn't see the sign that said $20 minimum before I ordered. I explained that I had to go get money out, and they were happy enough with that, since I was leaving my bag there.
The soup came out when I returned, and it was a decent size. Not as big as AJs. It was pretty good, the wontons were obviously hand made, but not the best wontons I've had, kind of solid, and not very mincey. They also had something crunchy inside them. I didn't dislike them, but they weren't my favourite. The noodles were nice, but lacking that floavour punch I get from that other shop in Albert St, though there were plenty of them. The pork was nice chunks of meat, not just slices, and a pretty good amount, but no more than what you'd get elsewhere. Nor was it a new revelation of taste, just a fairly standard BBQ pork. The soup was quite nice, and I mostly finished it by the end. I thought I better try the vegetables, just for completeness sake, and I what I thought was celery, turned out to be something else, with a slight aniseed flavour, which despite not being a favourite flavour of mine, wasn't entirely unpleasant, and I even ate most of it. It also contained a bit of spring onion.
So overall, a decent meal, but nothing I'd go out of the way to eat again. Though I am keen to go back, and try something else from the menu.

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