Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunnybank Dining: Little Cube Szechuan Restaurant

 So my friends took me to one of their favourite restaurants in Sunnybank, The Little Cube Restaurant in Sunnybank Plaza. They said we had to get there early to make sure we got a seat, as it's very popular, and we'd have to line up if we got there later. And it's true, by the time we finished our meal, there was a queue forming up outside.
The menu is a large photobook, with maybe 3 choices to a page, but usually 2, with a large photo of the meal to see. Very nice menu.
The food was delicious, so let me walk you through what we had. (Though it's been a few weeks since I've been there, so my memory is a bit hazy. But I know it was all delicious.)

 I don't remember if this what they were called at the restaurant, but the recipe David showed me when we got home called them Double Cooked Beans. It is beans cooked with a fried pork mince and mustard/pickled cabbage, which are fried to the point of crunchiness, adding great flavour and texture to the beans.
 I'm pretty sure this was the Sizzling Pepper Beef, and I thunk this was my favourite of the night. Just the right amount of heat to it, so that the flavour was overwhelmed by it, and just plain delicious. Sorry, the details elude me, but I know I'd happily order this one again.
 Ok, these were BBQ Pork Ribs, I think. It was definitely pork, but maybe not ribs. They were probably the hottest we had that night, but really nicely cooked. Perhaps a little awkward to eat, but I just used my fingers.
This dish and the beans were the surprise for me of the night. This was the Cumin Mutton, or something like that. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was really good. I wouldn't call myself the biggest cumin fan, but it didn't overwhelm, even though it was the dominant taste. I'm not sure how they cook it, but it's coated in this cumin coating (and probably other spices), and maybe fried? I'm not sure. I think I'll have to go back and try it again. So good.

So that was brief rundown of what I had there. I'd highly recommend it to you, but I kind of want to keep it a secret, so try to forget I told you about it, ok?

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